Annie is a small adult cat who had a litter of 4 kittens very young (as a kitten herself). They have since been adopted – many are current instagram stars! Annie loves laying in the sun and stretching out on a soft carpet. She is very social and playful, but also loves a good nap anywhere near her humans! She is pretty small, white/tabby mix. I almost think she’s part munchkin! Annie is the sweetheart of our office and everyone absolutely adores her who meets her!

Medical Issues: None to my knowledge


Feb 15, 2020: Annie is consistently showing us that she’s ready to be adopted to a great family. She’s now mewing for attention and pets, and will climb up on the couch and/or chairs to sit in our laps. She still play-bites when you pet her, but we’re trying to train her to stop doing that.