“Correcting wages over time is a critical part of our government`s commitment to putting our house in order. Despite these decisions, fiscal restraint and discipline must be maintained when we start new collective bargaining in 2020. On March 17, the AHS bargaining committee received his instructions and the UNA and AHS were able to reach the agreement that the union would have proposed five days earlier. The UNA stated that Arbitrator David Jones noted in his decision that “no change in rates of pay in the third year of the current collective agreement is warranted, particularly given the general economic conditions prevailing in the province, as well as the current comparative continuity and stability of nurses` employment and the absence of other relevant public sector agreements that are based on an increase or sinking. ng of wages would indicate”. “Unfortunately, the arbitrator largely ignored the recent history of wage moderation in teachers` collective agreements and decided to focus on the state of Alberta`s economy.” “Even with these decisions, we must continue to exercise tax restraint and discipline if we enter into new collective bargaining in 2020.” The nomination form requires the name of the name of the name, the local and current address as well as the names of two nominees. The relevant services listed may be the nominee`s participation at the local, regional and provincial levels, leadership in influencing una growth through policy development, decision-making, public awareness and member strengthening through mentoring and policy development.