Many of our documents can be executed in counterparties and this is often included in the agreement as a clause. This means that each party can sign a different copy of the document, but the two signature pages are merged with a version of the contract. If the contract states that facsimile signatures are acceptable, you can fax the facsimile contract and signatures, but also send the original for signature by mail or mail. If the document does not allow fax signatures, you should contact a lawyer in your jurisdiction to identify the laws that affect fax signatures and your specific document. There are two main ways to avoid a requirement for a witness in English law: if ever the contract went to court to doubt that it is genuine and the court sees something that resembles your name and signature, then you may be asked to come to court. If that happens, you either say, “I didn`t sign that, it must be a fake,” or you say, “I signed that, and I saw these people sign,” or whatever the truth. Contracts are often drafted as an instrument where the contract contains power of order (which must be enforced under English law) or where the contract does not contain consideration (e.g. B no service fees or no prices for purchased goods/assets). For example, in this form, the witness must fully mention his name and indicate his full address. In another form that I have seen, the witness only has to mention his name and sign it. One of the most common types of agreements we work with is the assignment of intellectual property (IP) rights.

An IP command can be written as an act, but in many cases it is not necessary. This may also be the case for other agreements that you check. For example, deeds of sale must not be signed by witnesses. The execution date is the date on which the party signs the document. The effective date is the effective date of the agreement and may be a date other than the date of signature of the contract. If no other date is indicated, the contract will enter into force on the date of execution (signature). The main effect of a lack of witnesses is that it becomes more difficult to prove that the parties have reached an agreement, but the courts look at this kind of thing all the time. .

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