She has represented NTI since the early days of the Nunavut Treaty implementation process, including the implementation of NTI`s land management system, the negotiation of Inuit Impact and Welfare Agreements, and NTI`s numerous complaints against the Crown, including a major 2006-2015 Focal Claims Against the Crown. Before moving to Canada in the early 90s, Laurie Associate was in the environmental litigation group at the international law firm White & Case in New York. The contracting process in Canada is developing through ongoing engagement and dialogue with Indigenous groups. The Canadian government believes that cooperative bargaining and respectful dialogue are the best way to resolve outstanding issues. Innovative solutions are developed with partners through contract negotiations and discussion tables for the recognition of Indigenous rights and self-determination throughout the country. An overview of progress in the implementation of modern treaties and self-management agreements can be found in the Modern Treaties Implementation Report and the Self-Management Agreement. At the instigation of the Supreme Court of Canada, the Canadian government resumed the contract with Aboriginal people whose Aboriginal title to lands and natural resources had not been erased by previous treaties or replaced by law in 1973. Twenty-one such contracts are being implemented and cover more than one-third of the country: in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Labrador, northern Quebec and northwestern British Columbia. Guy Polden is a Senior Fellow at the Firelight Group, an Indigenous research council that provides research and technical support to Indigenous communities across North America. Guy is part of a team led by Dr. .