If your child is already in school, you should write to the principal to tell them that you will be teaching at home. If your child has a SEN and attends a special school, you must obtain permission from the Council to inform them at home. You do not need permission from the Council if your child attends a normal school, even if they have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) program. (2) For the purposes of this Division and Section 111, a “homeschooling agreement” is a statement that parents are elected by the parents at the school and are members of the board of directors. Parent-teacher associations (ASAs) are made up of parents, teachers and sometimes other members of the school community. They offer you the opportunity to participate in school life, many of which do not take too much time. You can choose to raise your child at home if you are willing to take full responsibility for their studies. is not used in a homeschooling contract or in a parental declaration (as the case may be). We have an education manager who works with people who raise their children at home, and they are happy to give you general advice and be interlocutors for you and your child. From time to time, they will get in touch with the education you give your child. The Board may ask an “informal question” to verify that your child is receiving appropriate training at home. You can fill out an order of schooling if they feel that your child needs to be in school.

(c) parental responsibility, .b. the duties which the parents of such pupils expect with regard to the education of their children while they are enrolled in school; and you can teach your child at home, either full-time or part-time. A ministry spokesman told Schools Week that the step was taken to “reduce bureaucracy” and provide training for a “consistent and prescriptive approach to interacting with parents.”