Install and use the software contained on the installation media provided on multiple computers with validly licensed operating systems. hello, I want dragon to speak so my son can use sonocent, have you heard of it? It fits 100% into sonocent. I`m worried that he uses it for teaching and that he welcomes different teachers? Will the dragon language be able to recognize different voices? I have installed dragon, can I delete the installation folder that is in my download folder? That`s huge! (it`s like 3.5 GB, while the Nuance folder in the program files is only 800 MB) I find Dragon NaturallySpeaking weird. My default solution for Dragon Professional 15 is to create a new profile if something is wrong. I find Dragon 15 strong enough that I don`t need to train it to transcribe words correctly. But it`s to lose your vocabulary. Hello! I am a psychologist and I want to buy the software to write my evolutionary notes. Do you recommend the Home version or the Professional version? I use psychological vocabulary in my notes. I wonder if the benefits of the professional version would be worth the price difference in my case? Thank you for your help! Hello, I want to have dragons for my daughter, who is very dyslexic – I can`t find out the difference between the wireless version and the standard version – means wireless only that it comes with Blue Tooth headphones – you can use the standard version with your own Blue Tooth headphones or there is something I am missing (sorry, I`m not very technical and that`s probably an obvious question) Not sure either, if you`re the professional or home version. I think she will be allowed to use it in her GCSEs, but I`m not sure if this is the home or professional version she has the right to do. Do you know if I can load a disc on her so she can use it both on her laptop she takes to school, on her home desktop computer, and on any other computer she uses a drive on? If the home version can`t read it to you, but the professional can – I think I would become a professional, because she also has reading problems. You know if they offer student discounts? Thank you claudine Creating documents and reports is incredibly easy thanks to Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking`s professional software and microphones.

Call VoiceX today at 1300-551-778 to discuss with our team the benefits of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 software for work applications. Here are some quotes from the Dragon Desktop and User License Agreement that covers Dragon Home 15 and Dragon Professional 15 (as of June 18, 2020). 1. What is not the least important is that I have to create a different profile for each of the languages. Is this allowed on a single license? 2. I want to be able to use Dragon on both my desktop PC and a Windows Surface tablet. Again, will the same license be valid for both? 3. Surface doesn`t have a drive. Can I install the software from the supplied Boxed Pack? Thank you very much for your questions….