4. The Federal Government of the People`s Republic of Yugoslavia shall provide mutual assistance to the United States of America by continuing to facilitate the production and transfer of raw and semi-processed products required by the United States of America as a result of shortfalls or potential inadequacies of its own resources in the United States of America, in quantity and on the agreed terms; and which may be available in Yugoslavia. The modalities of such transfers must take due account of Yugoslavia`s needs for domestic use and commercial export; Other provisions of the agreement consist of precise descriptions of the status of U.S. forces in terms of taxation, customs, immigration, and civil liability. The rights of the Philippine government within the bases, for example with regard to mineral resources, are clearly defined. In all respects, with the exception of jurisdiction over offences committed within the bases, the laws of the Republic of the Philippines are invoked in these areas. No real aspect specifies or authorizes extraterritoriality. There is also a provision authorizing the voluntary summoning of Filipino citizens into the U.S. forces and allowing the armed forces, after such summonses, to have jurisdiction over those citizens. The number of summonses to be accepted must be limited by mutual agreement between the two governments. “The United States has proposed to keep in the Philippines only the forces necessary for the occupation of the bases and the creation of the military mission.

Troops currently in the Philippines, which are not needed for these purposes, will be transferred to other areas to continue supporting the occupation of Japan. To resolve the difficulties of the doses, more practical than political or military, Ambassador Elizalde took to Washington a series of instructions that dealt in detail with our opinions and justifications. These views were conveyed to officials in the U.S. capital. U.S. Ambassador Paul V. McNutt, a friend of the Philippines, voluntarily flew a three-week mission to Washington to clarify this situation. The result of these presentations was successful and resulted in the agreement that was presented to you today. .

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