Being a police officer is an opportunity for a difficult and rewarding career. A career in police work allows you to show our community that you are ready to stand up for what is right. The provisions of this directive do not affect a person`s right to exercise his or her rights in accordance with the collective agreement or the Ontario Human Rights Code. Gender-based harassment is a subset of sexual harassment. It refers to police behaviours and requirements that reinforce traditional heterosexual gender norms. The Windsor Police Service is committed to hiring police cadets who respect our core values and demonstrate high ethical standards. Please submit all full forms to Windsor Police at to apply for the cadet position. Inclusive Design – Consider the differences between individuals and groups in the design of something, such as the font. B, programs, school programs, building infrastructure to avoid proactive barriers. Human rights have a quasi-constitutional status and are given priority in the event of conflict with other directives and requirements. If this policy conflicts with another policy or directive, including the collective agreement, the service will consider any changes or measures that may be necessary to bring them into line with human rights (in accordance with the negotiation process).

prohibition of discrimination and harassment on the basis of the prohibited grounds of the Human Rights Code. The intersection of code grounds is a possible and important factor in the experience of discrimination. Inter-secrectional discrimination occurs when individuals identified by multiple code grounds are discriminated against that reflects a combination of grounds, rather than one or more grounds, but not the grounds. Recognition of the reasons for overlap is essential to develop the necessary understanding of the unique types of discrimination a person may experience. An overview of all remedies arising from all complaints. Disability (including mental, physical, developmental, learning disabilities and addictions that result in significant disabilities or senses of emergency) Police work today requires high levels of fitness, emotional stability, good judgment, personal integrity and dedication. Take the opportunity to “make a difference and serve your community.” Additional training for all staff on current human rights and human rights issues; Human rights can sometimes conflict with other human rights. In such situations, efforts are made to recognize competing legitimate claims and reconcile them in a way that does not undermine the legitimacy of any of the claims and the integrity of those involved.

This policy is not the only reference point for addressing all human rights issues. Specific practices and procedures for appropriate standards and procedures, including complaints, are contained in the following specific guidelines, programmes or legislative acts: measures relating to equality in employment, which strengthen efforts to recruit, encourage and retain staff. These measures must reflect the diversity of our Community, particularly with regard to the commitment of a workforce that reflects vulnerable soil protection groups, in order to improve human rights work; The area of discrimination or harassment involved (providing services or employment); Any branch manager/director is responsible for providing information on human rights initiatives in areas such as recruitment, training, selection, promotion, conservation, accommodation, accountability and communication to the human resources director for inclusion in the management report.