B. The Palestinian Authority does not have the authority to take enforcement action directly or indirectly affecting the military government or its civilian administration. Both sides will agree on how and how enforcement measures require the cooperation of the military government and its civil administration to assist the Palestinian Authority in implementing its enforcement measures, subject to security and public order considerations. 4. At the time of the delegation of powers and responsibilities, Israel also transfers all property and buildings that serve exclusively the offices of the civil administration in the spheres, including the premises, whether they are detained or rented, equipment, registers, files and computer programs. The treatment of goods used in the offices entrusted to the Palestinian Authority, as well as offices that are not transferred in this way, is the subject of .B mutual agreement between the two parties, for example on the basis of parts or exchanges. Thus, the Indian army developed as an army of mercenaries in the interest of imperialist power, totally cut off from the mainstream of the people, without national objectives, and deliberately kept away from the political environment. It is an army like this that the Indian government received as a legacy of the British. After August 15, 1947, the Indian army, alongside its anti-national heritage, was placed for two years under the supreme command of General Boucher, British commander-in-chief. Our training in defence services continued to be in the hands of the imperialists, as was the case at Defence Services Staff College in Wellington, where in October 1950 “the commander, General W.D.A. Lontaigne, entered the main conference room, interrupted the speaker and denounced our leaders for their short-sightedness and inaction in the face of Chinese action” … 8. Pending the entry into force of the interim agreement, Israel will pay the Palestinian Authority an amount equivalent to 75% of the income taxes collected by Israel in settlements and military locations and in Israel.