3.9 Each party may, without restricting other rights or remedies at its disposal, place all the sums owed to it by the other party with the amounts it must pay to the other party. b) If this clause applies, after receiving payment of the designed design in the form of 99 dollar credits (according to the terms of the service contract), the designer will award the client all intellectual property rights that the designer has or may have in the future on the transferred design. Make sure that your agreements with independent consultants live the necessary intellectual mind provisions that have been created for you as part of their work. While a kill fee usually deals with things on the client`s side, it is up to you to prepare an emergency parachute for yourself, the service provider. Try adding the option to terminate the contract, with appropriate notification, as in this advisory contract: c) The designer hereafter compensates and releases the client, 99designs and 99designs` third parties (“relevant parties”) losses, costs or damages (including full legal costs of compensation) that the compensated parties may suffer as a result of a breach by the designer in one of the clauses 3 and 4. 19.3 Unless expressly stated otherwise, the rights under this agreement are cumulative and do not exclude statutory rights. 19.1 This agreement is amended in writing and signed by or on behalf of both parties. The legal implications of moral rights are quite complicated, not least because they evolve greatly from one state to another. In most European countries, they are inalienable, i.e. they cannot be sold in a contract. “user contract,” the agreement between DesignCrowd and the customer or DesignCrowd and Designer (if any), which regulates the use of the DesignCrowd service by the customer and the designer (if any); 2. Any written document, drawing, map, plan, diagram, design, image or any other image, tape, hard drive or data set embodiment of information in any form with information and materials provided by the customer regarding services, including data, reports, graphics, illustrations and specifications (In Put materials); and with design agreements, but you`re on your own, so take a look at the jurisdiction clause before signing a contract.

If your client is in the same city as you, there is no problem, but if your client is in another place, they probably want things to follow their jurisdiction and their law. This is far from the norm. “DesignCrowd Site,” www.designcrowd.com or any other replacement website associated with the DesignCrowd service; Below is a collection of legal documents that have been super-woven by our fantastic community. We are looking for your feedback and contribution to expand this collection. Offer other items, or add the contract you use for your own work. Perhaps you`d also like to take a look at our 10 basic chords already published for designers. All press releases, public notices and publications by the designer regarding this agreement or its purpose, including advertising or marketing materials, are coordinated with the customer and approved by the customer prior to publication.